Current Openings

Meighen Haddad LLP is currently looking for qualified applicants in the areas of:

  1. Real Estate Assistant Term
For more information please contact our Business and Human Resource Manager
    Veronica Johnston
Phone: (204) 725-8761
Articling Students

Meighen Haddad offers a comprehensive articling program where students are given the opportunity to experience all areas of law. We pride ourselves on giving hands on experience early in the articling process.

We also hire our articling students with a view to keeping them. Consequently, we do not take on articling students on an annual basis. But are always interested in receiving applications.

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Although Meighen Haddad tends to recruit most of its associates through the articling process, we do consider applications from lawyers who can fill areas of need within the firm.

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Legal Assistants

Meighen Haddad is always looking for applications from skilled legal assistants. We desire team oriented people who are capable of working with a high level of independence in a professional environment. Our staff are experienced with PC Law and MS Office.

We look for staff who can problems solve and think on their feet. We do not require that our staff have formal training as a legal assistant and are willing to provide in-house training where warranted.

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